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Legendary "Assassin", DJ HUTCH

 Cecil Pressley, known as The Turntable Assassin Dj Hutch started djing in the early 70s and my mentor was The Grand Master Flash  and Pete Dj Jones.  Back in 1973 I Accumulated my own sound System for me and my Brother The Worlds Famous Dj Supreme and put together a group called The Century 5 In 1975 I used to Dj at The P&P Lounge for Pete Dj Jones. Doing party's all through Bronx New York.  At that time I was a member of The Fantastic Partners Dj Supreme & Hutch, Magic Mike & Grand Wizard Theodore.  I was djing in Club 371, Club Roots, Webster PAL, Forest Gym, Skate Fever. Now in 1986 I was the Manager and Dj at The Zodiac ll. On Jerome ave in the Bronx I installed the sound system for the Zodiac ll and at that time I was Referred as The Grand Pubar Dj Hutch.  In 1978 I put together a sound system for me and my brother Dj Supreme and named it The Wall of Thunder In 1992  I move out of Forest Project where my music Career began and moved To River Park Towers.  That's when me and my brother Supreme started getting gigs in Manhattan Brooklyn & Queens. Around 2008 I linked up with ll Tone Sound & Entertainment djing for a lot of events. People would rent ll Tone sound and hire
Me to Dj for there events.

Now I'm live on SDI RADIO The Assassin Dj Hutch.

Phone # 347-394-6330
The Assassin Dj Hutch

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SDI T.V. Live

SDI T.V. Live

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