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   DJ K. Nikki, The Harlem Mixtress, takes her audience back to a time in their life when it was youthful, impactful and loving. She was introduced to music by listening to her father’s collection of R & B, Motown and Disco (Teddy Pendergrass, The O’Jay’s, Donna Summers), which later brought about her love for other music such as Hip Hop, Reggae and House, just to name a few. She taught herself how to mix by listening to other DJ’s on the radio and mix tapes. Mixing music was not only therapeutic for Nikki but it also saved her life from adversity.


   DJ K. Nikki loves to see the joy and excitement manifested when she mixes for the crowd. She has worked at lounges such as Nabe Harlem, Cari Wine Bar and Hexagon Lounge. She has provided her services for special events. Examples include company parties, weddings and birthday parties.

She was the resident DJ at Ponty Bistro Harlem Restaurant and Renaissance Harlem Restaurant for 2 years and at Acoustik Garden Lounge in Brooklyn,  NYC for almost one year.  She is a member of the Heat DJS and DJS United.


   "I like for people to feel like dancing wherever they are when listening to my mixes; whether it be at the lounge or at home. I want to mix music in a way that has you bopping your head after the event is over."

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