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     These testimonials are 100% authentic and the comments written are exactly those of the customers who used our service. Most of the customers listed below have given us permission to use them as a call reference. If you would like to speak to one of these customers personally, in reference to how we provided our service to them, you can do so by first contacting us directly by phone.


         "The Dienzo Family (Wedding)"


        My name is Michelle Dienzo; I got married in NYC on August 27th 2012. In finding a DJ for my wedding, I was looking for a DJ that would be able to make announcements throughout the reception as well as play music that keeps our guests entertained. After talking to my reception coordinator she requested DJ Ramz & DJ Psycho D.


       A few months before the wedding I met with them both and I was impressed with their song list and not to mention their over 20 years experience. SDI Dj's had performed at many weddings as well as concerts and clubs. We only requested a few songs and I left the rest to them. During the reception they were able to play the exact type of music that would fit the mood and allow the guests to enjoy themselves. For instance, when it was time to dance, they got everyone on their feet! It was a great party and after the wedding all my guests complimented on how well our DJ'srocked at our reception. I highly recommend SDI DJ's for any upcoming weddings. They are the best!

    "The Prazer Family (Wedding)"


       I am writing this letter -in appreciation and to thank you SDI for the professional manner in which you had performed your duties as a D.J. at Sara and Craig's, wedding last month. The list of songs you supplied us from which Sara and I picked to be played at the reception was comprehensive and suited both of our tastes, mother and daughter: During the reception people come to me and spoke about how pleasant the music had been during the dinner and how it had been nice to be able to hold a conversation because the music hadn’t drowned out all other noise. Even the owner of the reception venue came to me & told us how impressed he had been with SDI. And we certainly enjoyed the music we dance to. 'Your expert advice and your willingness to help with the music before the wedding was really appreciated. I think the music at a wedding reception is just as important as the 'Venue and the food.  Once again thank you for you services and I won't hesitate to recommend "SDI" to anyone needing a AWESOME, PROFESSIONAL D.J.


Yours truly,

Inga Prazer

       "The Baxter Family (Birthday Party)"


       I had to drop a letter thanking "SDI DJ's" for DJ’ing and MC’ing Gail’s 40th birthday party last month. The music, lights and timing was just fantastic.  It was a great idea to meet before hand so we could go through your collection of songs to see what Gail wanted to be played that night. Your extra suggestions of music to fit into Gail’s 60s/70s birthday theme worked really well too. We were going through the photos the other day and I think that you had the whole party up and dancing to the Nut Bush and YMCA. I know our guests enjoyed the evening’s music and dancing from the many comments that we have received.


It was wonderful to see Gail having such an enjoyable time and quite funny when her favorite songs came on, she would drag onto the dance floor whoever she was talking to at the time. 

Thank you again for helping make "Gail’s birthday" a night to remember.



Colin Baxter

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